Financials and Fundraising

Total Monies Raised

Current General Fund: $180.62

All donations go straight into helping spread the mission of Veterans helping Veterans. Veterans reaching out to support their brothers and sisters by helping spread suicide prevention information and PTSD Awareness through our socials and events. Your donations will help provide a place for Veterans to gather, food for them to eat, as well as recreational activities that promote Veteran camaraderie.

We need your help to continue our mission:

Freedom Jump

2019 Freedom Jump: This year our goal is to get more Veterans together for this event and sponsor even more to jump! We are raising money to pay for every 22M jumper to go to the event and to have a meal on the way. We are also looking to rent a Van for transportation to get everyone to and from the DZ (Drop Zone). So far we have almost 15 Veterans locked in to go and each jumper requires us to raise 200 dollars for his/her’s spot on the jump manifest. We want to make this life changing experience happen for every single Veteran interested and that why every dollar we raise helps and makes that goal attainable.

Update: 2019’s Freedom Jump was a huge success thanks to our local community who donated and supported us during this years fundraisers. We sponsored 10 Veterans to jump this year and we all had an amazing time at Ranger Road’s Freedom Jump Event. We couldn’t be happier and are already in the planning stages for future fundraisers so we can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of Veterans in the community.

Total Raised: $1700

2018 Freedom Jump: We need to raise $1600 in order for our 8 jumpers to participate in Ranger Road's Freedom jump in September. The jump costs 200 dollars per Veteran and we have 8 Veterans who would like to participate. 

UPDATE: The Body Building (@thebodybuilding559) has graciously donated the remainder of the funds we needed to raise! Thank you to the wonderful, generous, and patriotic staff and patrons for making it possible. A special thanks to Kasey and Amanda Kahl for their support of the 22’s Militia Mission

Total Raised: $1600


This year we have two Fundraiser planned so far.

First, we have our Comedy Show Fundraiser coming June, 6th at 6 pm in Clovis. We are happy to say that we are practically sold out for the event. Thank you to everyone who donated to attend! This event is going to raise about 1300 dollars towards the Freedom Jump and will help us to continue to have our socials every week.

Next we have a car show planned for later this summer in August at a church in Fresno. This will be the last big push towards meeting our goals for the Freedom Jump. We hope to have a lot of local participation in the car show from both the competition side as well as a good amount of community spectators. This Fundraising event will also allow us to reach more Veterans as well as spread awareness about Veteran suicide and 22’s Militias fight against it. More details will come soon.

Veterans Day 2019! We are going to attend the Fresno Veteran's Day parade again to help spread the 22's Militias name and mission to more Veterans. Look for us to be marching in the parade with our local Veterans brothers and sisters. This year we hope to build a nice float and have even more Veterans participate in the Parade.